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The Curriculum Reflects Our Values

Lakeside Academy uses a variety of resources when developing our curriculum. We do this because we place a special emphasis on literacy instruction and hands-on learning activities while also building a foundation for understanding mathematics. Along with the other components of our curriculum, we have included the integration of technology to support learning, encouraging a love of music and art, introduction to a second language and most importantly, we focus on the development of confident, happy children.


The concept of balance is at the core of the Lakeside approach to curriculum and program development. We believe each child is unique, capable, curious, and in the process of discovering how the world around them works. We want to encourage this natural process by providing the kind of teaching and learning environment that will foster a love of learning and the development of well-rounded children.


Our curriculum provides teachers with an instructional blueprint that enables them to promote and support children's learning in multiple ways—through listening, seeing, hearing, touching, and play. 

We have considered multiple aspects of development and learning (cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative) in the design of our curriculum. The engaging learning activities that make up the curriculum are appropriate for children at different stages of development.


We recognize the necessity and value of well-planned, developmentally appropriate experiences for children. Therefore, we carefully select materials for our teachers to use which address specific learning outcomes in a variety of different learning domains in order to create a well rounded learning experience. The learning outcomes identified for each class level provide a learning path that helps teachers make their daily instruction purposeful, effective and intentional.

Another important component of our program, which sets Lakeside Academy apart from other early learning centers, is the focus on character development. Our staff has a strong background in psychology and clinical counseling for children and families.

Learning to understand concepts such as friendship, generosity, and honesty is important, as well as learning to process negative feelings, such as anger, frustration and embarrassment in a nondestructive manner are invaluable throughout life. Imparting these important life skills is at the heart of our culture at Lakeside.


At Lakeside Academy, we believe strongly in embedding character development into the curriculum from an early age. Good character doesn't just develop by itself. In order to raise a generation of kind, compassionate and responsible adults, we need to start young and make caring for others a way of life whether it's at home or at school.

Our school has recruited the best teachers and trained them to bring our curriculum to life in our classrooms at Lakeside. Having a purposeful, engaging curriculum and the instructional materials needed to teach gives our teachers more time to focus on each child’s individual needs and growth.

We are committed to continually improving every aspect of the care and education children receive in our school. We use national assessment tools to continually assess the effectiveness of our curriculum and delivery. This helps to ensure that children are getting the best and most effective education in order to meet their individual needs and interests.  


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